Star Trek producers reportedly want less J.J. Abrams involvement

The modern era of Star Trek is controversial at best. While the series still proves to be incredibly popular, the post J.J. Abrams Trek universe isn't anywhere near as beloved as the originals. Despite this, Paramount is continuing to explore both the original series and Abrams’ rebooted Kelvin universe.

However, while Abrams’ universe continues, the producer might not be involved at all. After failing to keep the Trek movies afloat, as well as Star Wars’ sequel trilogy, the director/producer isn't as loved as he once was. Reportedly, this is leading to Paramount wanting to distance Abrams from Trek.

J.J. Abrams will be less involved in Star Trek

Reported by We Got This Covered, sources say that Abrams will be distanced from future Trek content. Abrams’ partnership with Alex Kurtzman is the reason why modern Star Trek is the way it is. While Kurtzman is attached to continue producing content for the series for five more years, Abrams is not. 

Instead, Abrams appears to be moving onto pastures new, leaving his Trek and Wars failures behind. The producer is already attached to help helm the new direction of the DC universe. Starting with a new Superman movie and a Batman animated franchise, Abrams is already incredibly busy.

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Will this make the series better?

Star Trek is currently going through a renaissance. On TV, the series is getting more content than ever before. Discovery Season 4, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, Picard, Section 31 and more are all on the way.

Even outside of TV, Trek content is rumoured to continue. We reported previously that Paramount is currently working on two new movies. Firstly, Paramount is planning on a final film in the Chris Pine led Kelvin universe. Secondly, a completely original Trek film is reportedly in the works.

There's no knowing if Trek will be better without the J.J. Abrams. However, Star Trek will continue nonetheless.

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