Roddenberry Estate is making 1:1 scale Enterprise hologram and Holodeck

Every fan of Star Trek has wanted to step on board the helm of the USS Enterprise. Ever since the 1966 sci-fi serial introduced fans to a futuristic utopia, being a member of the iconic starship has been a goal. Well, the Roddenberry Estate is working to make that dream come true... kinda.

100 years after the birth of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, the Roddenberry Estate is working to make a huge digital archive of the show's history. Using holograms, the estate is hoping to make a full digital recreation of the USS Enterprise.

Roddenberry Estate planning hologram Enterprise

Partnering with Cloud Graphics company OTOY, The Roddenberry Archives will be a full digital library of Star Trek content. The archive “is cataloguing key texts and documents from Gene Roddenberry’s life and career”. Additionally, the Roddenberry Archives will have full 1:1 digital scans of the Starship Enterprise. There will be full models that were filmed on set as well as 1:1 in-Universe models.

Roddenberry Estate USS Enterprise model
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Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod Roddenberry said:

“My father saw the worst of humanity, and he saw the best. And I think it really gave him perspective, hope for the future. I think many of his writings reflect that... I've had my father's notes and documents and scripts and behind the scenes materials all my life. It felt wrong for them to just deteriorate. I really wanted to preserve them. There's hundreds of thousands, if not millions of them out there.”

The holographic recreations of the Enterprise and other assets will be powered by Light Field Lab. Back in 2019, Light Field Lab’s holographic projectors were only capable of 4”x6” illusions. However, OTOY and the Roddenberry Estate believe that the technology is finally in the right place.

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When will it be available?

The Roddenberry Archives will have more details announced at the Creation 55-year Star Trek event today. A small preview will be at a panel at the Las Vegas event, but there's no current news on how the public will experience it.

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