New original Star Trek film reportedly in development alongside Kelvin continuation

The Star Trek universe is bursting with potential, a potential that's been explored through multiple TV shows. Whether its The Next Generation or Discovery, more and more of the Trek-Verse is being uncovered.

Unfortunately, that same amount of exploration and experimentation has not been true of the franchise on film. All Star Trek movies have been based on previously existing characters. Even the 2009 reboot couldn't escape the franchise's previously cast. However, that might all be set to change.

New Star Trek film with entirely new cast

According to a report by Giant Freaking Robot, Paramount is in the early stages of a new Trek film series. Following the success of the company's multiple TV shows – Discovery, Picard – Paramount is looking to re-enter film.

The report states that the new movie is in early development. All that's known is that there will be an entirely new cast that isn't based on pre-existing TV dynamics. The report states that they currently don't even know if the movie is aiming to follow the existing film formula of a Federation crew or if it'll be entirely fresh.

With every Star Trek film being based around a Federation ship crew, it would be nice to see an entirely unique adventure. The Trek universe is brimming with interesting worlds and creatures. To see some of that distanced from the typical militaristic formula would be interesting, but would fans like that?

Star Trek 4 is also on the way

The report states that the new film is expected to release after a planned return to the Kelvin timeline's trilogy. Reported earlier this week and corroborated by Deadline, Paramount is hoping for Chris Pine to return as Captain Kirk.

Rumours suggest that this new movie will be based on a long-leaked synopsis that will see James T. Kirk meet his father, George Kirk. One step further, Giant Freaking Robot states that Paramount is also looking to bring in William Shatner for an original Kirk cameo.

This movie is allegedly expected to launch on Paramount Plus. If true, the move is no doubt inspired by Disney and HBO Max's simultaneous home-theatre release.

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A grain of salt

Of course, it's important to take all of this information with a grain of salt. While Star Trek 4’s double-source corroboration is a good sign at the project existing, other details are still up in the air. Furthermore, plans change all the time; the last new Star Trek film was cancelled just before filming commenced.

PSX Star Trek Beyond
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It's been five years since Beyond released, and it was pretty darn fun.

The existence of two new Trek films would be an awesome experience for fans of the series. After Beyond's massive improvement over the 2009 reboot and the horrid Into Darkness, it would be great to see the Kelvin Enterprise crew back at it again.

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