Alex Kurtzman signs long-term deal for 5 Star Trek shows

Star Trek, up until The Next Generation, was a vision tied wholly to one man: Gene Roddenberry. Starting in 1966, the franchise was about exploration and ethical dilemmas set in a time when mankind was at peace with itself. Nowadays, it’s more of a sci-fi action show spearheaded by Alex Kurtzman.

Since Kurtzman began co-producing Star Trek in 2008, fans have been rather unhappy. While many have called for the producer to be removed from upcoming projects, he's still attached. Much to those fans' horror, he'll reportedly still be involved for a long time.

Alex Kurtzman signs long-term deal

In a report by Variety, it’s been stated that Kurtzman is staying put as the head of Star Trek content. The agreement is part of a deal with Paramount and CBS to extend the producer’s overall TV deal. Alongside Trek, the producer is also bringing shows such as The Comey Rule and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Variety reports that Alex Kurtzman will be involved in bringing multiple Star Trek shows in the future. The report claims that the producer will be in charge of five Star Trek shows for Paramount Plus, although those shows are unnamed.

At the time of writing, CBS already has multiple Star Trek productions: Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, Prodigy and Strange New Worlds. With Kurtzman in charge of the franchise until at least 2026, could we see even more shows pop up?

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This was popular so more is coming.

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Star Trek: Section 31 still exists

Within the Variety report, it's stated that the mysterious Star Trek: Section 31 is still in development. On the website for Kurtzman's production company, Section 31 is listed as one of their upcoming projects. Not many details are given. However, after the while it took Paramount to get started on Strange New Worlds, it could still be coming.

Previous reports have stated that Section 31 is set to start filming as soon as Discovery Season 3 ends. As the third season of Discovery has only just started filming on its huge VFX screens, it'll be a while until it releases.

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