Redfall is another failed Xbox exclusive after a disappointing generation

redfall is another failed xbox exclusive
Credit: Arkane

The latest Xbox exclusive Redfall isn’t impressing anyone. Now that reviews are out, the just-released co-op game is another blight to Xbox exclusives, getting fairly low scores for a game that can only be played on Microsoft’s console.

Redfall’s poor reception also makes the new Vampire game the lowest-rated title developed by Dishonored developer Arkane. As the first exclusive by the studio since its acquisition by Xbox, its already not looking good.

Arkane’s newest Xbox exclusive isn’t getting glowing reviews. While there are a few outlets that seem to really like the game, most critics agree that it’s an average experience that feels a bit rushed. It seems that the delayed 60 FPS option is far from the worst thing this title is going through.

Nick Calandra of The Escapist thinks that Redfall is another victim of being a single-player game with forced multiplayer elements. He’s not wrong, as a number of games have suffered from forcing multiplayer mechanics, most noticeably, Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights.

Considering how lacking Xbox is with exclusives, it’s really sad to see a rare one getting pretty low scores. Many were hoping that the company would get its act together after Hi-Fi Rush was able to defy expectations but that’s not the case.

Say what you will about Sony, but the company makes sure that its exclusive games are of quality. Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok were pretty well-received upon release. This is probably why Microsoft was so down on itself when pleading with the courts to let them purchase Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft has promised to make better Xbox exclusives, so it’s a shame that Redfall has fallen below expectations. Considering how Microsoft purchased companies like Double Fine, Bethesda, and Ninja Theory, one would think that they would have churned out more exclusive games now.

One good thing about Redfall being an Xbox exclusive is Game Pass users won’t be spending too much to try the game out. Much like Netflix, even if the product is kind of mid, it’s already part of an ongoing subscription and that will inspire players to try it out. For better or worse, it’s the kind of model that Microsoft can bank on and put less effort into.

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Redfall is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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