Xbox exclusive Redfall boasts 60FPS on the box, despite not having it

xbox exclusive redfall boasts 60fps on the box despite not having it
Credit: Arkane

xbox exclusive redfall boasts 60fps on the box despite not having it
Credit: Arkane

Xbox’s next big exclusive Redfall will only be playable at 30 FPS on launch, but retail copies of the game claim that it will be 60 FPS. The devs at Arkane confirmed that a 60 FPS patch would be coming out a month or so after launch but that doesn’t mean it’s packed in with the disc.

Altchar noted that retailers already have physical copies of the upcoming Xbox exclusive and are well aware of the 60 FPS claim. In some stores, stickers are being added to explain that the higher framerate option will be available after launch. 

It’s weird that Microsoft and Arkane have to lie about Redfall’s framerate when they were already really honest about the fact. We understand that the game will eventually be 60 FPS but anyone who purchases this without internet will be stuck with 30 FPS. Obviously, 30 FPS is far from unplayable, but in a console shooter that has multiplayer elements, it’s not great.

With Redfall coming out early next week, it will be interesting to see if the base game holds up and makes us forget the FPS debacle. Despite it being disappointing for a multiplayer shooter, fans might change their mind if the gameplay loop ends up being really fun. Hopefully, that’s the case, as Xbox is in dire need of an interesting exclusive.

Still, if the game is getting a 60 FPS patch a month after launch, it makes us wonder why they didn’t just delay the game. Fans might moan about a delay but if that means more time to make your game better, it’s the decision to make. We can’t help but feel that this game is being a bit rushed to hit a deadline, hence, this late 60 FPS patch.

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Redfall will be coming to Xbox Series next week, on May 2. Hopefully, the 60 FPS patch makes this game better.

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