MCU Silver Surfer Special Presentation in the works to setup Fantastic Four

The cosmic nature of the MCU was fully unlocked in Phase 3, and that’s set to continue into the future. With this in mind, of the franchise’s most powerful cosmic heroes is allegedly set to make his MCU debut: the Silver Surfer.

Typically tied to the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer is the “Herald of Galactus”. With Galactus set up as a huge threat in Eternals, it could finally be time to see a new live-action version of this silver hero.

Is the Silver Surfer coming to the MCU?

According to a report by The Cosmic Circus, Marvel is planning a new Special Presentation surrounding the character. Just like the recent Werewolf by Night special, this will be a one-off introduction of the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The report states that the character will be true to his comic book counterpart. This means that the character is still the astronaut Norton Radd and is still the Herald of Galactus.

Allegedly, the story treatment will keep the character in outer space, keeping him away from Earth. Furthermore, he will not be interacting with any pre-established cosmic characters in the MCU. Instead, the entire cast will be new.

While the story is said to be self-contained, it’s also said to be important setup for other projects. For example, Avengers: Secret Wars is expected to have an appearance from Galactus.

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A tie-in for Fantastic Four?

The most intriguing part of The Cosmic Circus’ report is that the Silver Surfer presentation is a tie-in for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. However, that also means the presentation is still years away.

Currently, Fantastic Four is scheduled for an early 2025 release. While the presentation is expected to release a few months before, that’s still a late 2024 release date.

There is a possibility that the Fantastic Four movie is tied to the special presentation. The report claims that the special presentation must launch before the Fantastic Four film.

Rumours for Fantastic Four have pegged Victor Von Doom as the main antagonist. However, it looks like Galactus may indeed have a role — or a post-credits appearance — in the upcoming film.

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