Marvel's Fantastic Four finally finds its writers

It seems that Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie is getting off the ground fairly quickly, with something new confirmed every day. While Marvel hasn’t confirmed the news, reports claim that the studio has found its writers for the foursome’s MCU debut.

Considering how bad most movies featuring these characters have been, fans are hoping that Marvel can nail their MCU debut. Granted, writing in the MCU can feel a bit samey, but given what’s come before, fans won’t mind too much.

Who is writing the Fantastic Four?

According to Deadline, the writing duo of Jeff Kaplan & Ian Springer will be writing the highly-anticipated MCU Fantastic Four movie. Interestingly, the report claims that Kaplan and Springer have been involved for some time, supposedly hired before director Matt Shakman.

Kaplan and Springer aren’t the most well-known writing duo in Hollywood, though they have been making a name for themselves. The duo is responsible for writing Disaster Wedding, which is also produced by Marvel alumni Jon Watts, getting many interested.

Only time will tell if the writing duo will impress the massive Marvel fanbase, though that shouldn’t be too hard. Marvel Studios are very hands-on when it comes to their movies and should help these two, though we hope they make an impact.

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What’s next?

Now that Fantastic Four has directors and writers, fans are anticipating the eventual cast reveal for this long-awaited MCU movie. Obviously, anyone familiar with the comics loves the team and their dynamic together, hence the anticipation for this MCU cast.

Rumours have claimed that John Krasinski will not be reprising his role as Reed Richards from Doctor Strange 2, which is disappointing. Some insiders have also claimed that Ryan Gosling will be playing popular Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Fantastic Four will be premiering on November 8, 2024.

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