Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver in talks to play Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, and he's expected to appear in Marvel's Fantastic Four movie. The internet is alight with rumours regarding the casting of this iconic supervillain, and one source claims Disney has found a familiar face: Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver.

Most known for his work in the Star Wars franchise, Driver has shown fantastic range over the years. From Logan Lucky to BlacKkKlansman up to Marriage Story, the actor is phenomenal in every role he takes. So, is he a fit for the MCU?

Adam Driver as Doctor Doom

According to pop culture leaker Jeff Sneider, Adam Driver has been in talks to play two characters in the Fantastic Four movie. In an act of Marvel covering its bases, Driver has been approached for the roles of Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom.

Sneider claimed that earlier this summer, Marvel approached Driver for the role. While Fantastic Four isn't expected to release until 2025, Marvel is looking to attach stars early, presumably to incorporate them into post credits scenes. Previously, Josh Brolin was attached to the role of Thanos years before Infinity War.

“Adam Driver has met with Marvel around July or August,” he said. “I've heard him rumoured for Doctor Doom as well [as Reed Richards] so maybe he just went in for a meeting on Fantastic Four. But Doctor Doom seems a little too close to Kylo Ren. I feel this guy... I think he knows he can do dark and its time for him to play a real hero.”

Sneider explained that he could see the Kylo Ren actor in the role of either character, but moreso Reed Richards. With Driver's tall physique, it's not hard to imagine the actor stretching in the vein of Mr Fantastic. Furthermore, it'll just be nice to see him in the role of a hero. After the shockingly bad ending of Rise of Skywalker, he deserves it.

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What about Krasinski?

Of course, you can't discuss Fantastic Four rumours without addressing the elephant in the office: John Krasinski. Not only was the actor the top fan pick for the character, but he already played Mr Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

However, while Krasinski is seemingly game to return in the future, Marvel has hinted that he is not the main Mr Fantastic. In the director’s commentary for Doctor Strange 2, director Sam Raimi hinted that the only reason Krasinski was in the film was if it was a one-off thing.

Nevertheless, Adam Driver could still end up being Marvel's Reed Richards, but he would also be a great Victor Von Doom. What a predicament.

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