How Apple workers can save $875 on the Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro on a woman in press image in front of a money emoji
Credit: Apple

Apple Vision Pro on a woman in press image in front of a money emoji
Credit: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro is, clearly, not very cheap. If you're looking to buy the cheapest version of the company's upcoming headset, your bank account will drop by roughly $3,500, not including any taxes. However, Apple employees can get a tasty discount that may tempt them.

The Apple Vision Pro is already hitting over 180,000 pre-orders ahead of the release date. Even though there's a decent amount of stock, some people are already putting their pre-orders on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. However, if you work for Apple, and you're looking to purchase what could be one of the best VR headsets, you'll want to take advantage of your employee discount.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple employees are set to receive a 25% discount on the premium headset. That knocks down the $3,499 retail price to an expensive-but-better $2,624, give or take. Admittedly, that doesn't include taxes, or if you decide to go extra on the more expensive models, but it's a pretty big discount nonetheless.

Employees also get a $500 credit towards a Mac every three years, however, they can use this on an Apple Vision Pro if they wanted instead, knocking it down further to roughly $2,124. Is it worth that much? We'll have to see, but the alternative is waiting for the cheaper Apple Vision Pro which is said to be coming.

This news was actually posted in the Bloomberg report before the pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro opened, but now with the Apple Vision Pro apps list revealed, and the fact that Disney is partnering with Apple for 3D movies for the headset, you may want to pick one up when it releases.

Alternatively, you could save some money and opt for the Quest 3 and a few of the best accessories for the headset too. It's a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison to compare the Quest 3 and the Vision Pro, but we'd argue the former is better for most people, considering it has a bigger focus on gaming and VR experiences.

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