Apple Vision Pro scalpers try to flog the $3,499 headset for even more money

Apple Vision Pro user on top of eBay listings for the new headset

Apple Vision Pro user on top of eBay listings for the new headset

The already expensive Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset has been, unsurprisingly, targeted by scalpers. Just like Limited Edition Spider-Man controllers and Steam Decks, the headset is finding a new home on eBay.

The Apple Vision Pro costs $3.499 at retail, and around 180,000 units have reportedly already been sold. However, many of the pre-orders for Apple’s augmented reality headset are seemingly scalpers looking to sell them for a markup.

At the time of writing, hundreds of Apple Vision Pro headsets can be found on eBay with horrid markups. Some of the eBay listings charge more than double the device’s RRP. For example, one eBay listing is selling the device for £11,000, around 3.1 times its actual price.

The surge of scalpers for the Apple Vision Pro seem to be why the device has seemingly sold out. However, the mixed reality headset is still an extremely niche product with very little software software support on launch.

EBay listings of the Apple Vision Pro showing a huge markup in price
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For example, some of the biggest entertainment platforms are not developing apps to use their services on the new Apple headset. Netflix has revealed that it will not be creating a dedicated app to take advantage of the platform, and neither will YouTube or Spotify.

Furthermore, most entertainment apps including Paramount Plus, Max and more will simply reuse their existing iPad apps on the platform. This means that the apps will be unable to take advantage of the hardware’s biggest features.

On the other hand, Disney will be going hard on the Apple Vision Pro. The entertainment studio will be releasing a new app that will allow 3D movies to be viewable within the headset, including Avatar: War of the Water, Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars and many more.

The Apple Vision Pro release date is currently scheduled for February 2, 2024. A handful of rough-looking Apple Vision Pro clones are already around the corner, including a Sony XR headset designed for 3D artists.

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