Apple Vision Pro revives 3D movies with Disney Plus and more

Apple Vision Pro headset with Disney+ logo in front of Disney wallpaper
Credit: Disney / Apple

Apple Vision Pro headset with Disney+ logo in front of Disney wallpaper
Credit: Disney / Apple

Unfortunately, the Apple Vision Pro offers a roughly two and a half hour battery life. However, at least you can watch some great movies in 3D, including some using your Disney Plus subscription.

With pre-orders for the upcoming headset available, and the Apple Vision Pro release date coming soon, all eyes are on Apple's next big thing. However, Apple is keen to prove that the Vision Pro isn't competing with the best VR headsets right now, by giving its "spatial computing" device a high-end price tag. But while Apple is planning 25-minute long demos for Vision Pro customers, many are left wondering whether the premium product is necessary.

That is, until you hear about the recently announced partnership between Apple and Disney. Well, at least for us film nerds out there. At launch, those who own an Apple Vision Pro can watch some of the latest Disney Plus moves in 3D using their brand-new headset, as well as Apple offering other films, which will be available in the Apple TV app, including the incredible Dune.

Inside the Apple Vision Pro headset with Disney Plus app open
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Credit: Apple

Is it really worth purchasing a $3,499 headset to watch Dune again in 3D? Probably not. But, at the very least, it sounds amazing. Apple suggests that over 150 movies will offer 3D versions via the Vision Pro, although a full list has yet to be revealed. However, some of the biggest movies in recent memory like Across the Spider-Verse, Avatar: The Way of Water, and the aforementioned Dune will be available.

You can also stream plenty of TV shows and sports services to the headset too, offering a screen that's likely bigger than your own entertainment setup. However, there's definitely one flaw in this - many people like watching movies, shows, or sports with friends and family. And we can't imagine customers buying numerous Vision Pros in order to all watch the same thing in a spatial device with their family.

However, it's certainly a killer feature that many of the Apple Vision Pro clones that are releasing soon won't be able to copy. The Apple Vision Pro specs should make this a thrilling and immersive experience when watching 3D content, and Apple's continued support of its ecosystem will make things simpler for those who already own movies via the Apple TV app.

That being said, I'm almost tempted to buy it solely for Dune. Almost.

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