Apple Vision Pro doesn’t even have a YouTube app

apple vision pro doesnt have a youtube app
Credit: Apple/YouTube

apple vision pro doesnt have a youtube app
Credit: Apple/YouTube

It looks like things aren’t looking too good for Apple’s Vision Pro, as the VR headset will not be home to the popular video streaming platform YouTube. Considering how this is still the most popular video streaming platform on the internet, this is a missed opportunity and one that might detract users from getting the headset.

As reported by The Verge, there are currently no plans to bring this app to Apple’s VR headset. This isn’t exactly news for anyone familiar with these apps, as Spotify has also said that they wouldn’t be bringing this app to the Apple accessory.

Not all is lost for YouTube fanatics, as Apple’s Vision Pro can still access the app if they watch it through Safari in the headset. While this isn’t the worst option, having the app would be a lot better since it's smoother and has more options for users. At the least, VR users will still be able to watch their favorite videos, albeit, through more complicated means.

Thankfully, the Vision Pro will have some decent streaming services, as it will launch with apps like Amazon Prime, Max, Paramount Plus, and Disney Plus. Netflix will not be one of the apps that can be used on the headset, making this less appealing to those hoping to watch the most well-known streaming service.

VR users are still deciding if they should try using Apple’s VR accessory or pick up the Meta Quest 3, which is substantially cheaper. Only time will tell if either device ends up being a huge success, though, given the nature of VR, it will stay niche for a long time. Still, having apps like YouTube would have convinced more casual users to give the device a try, so maybe a VR version can be made in the future.

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Apple Vision Pro will be launching next month on February 2, so expect a lot of chatter regarding the headset sooner rather than later.

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