Apple Vision Pro app removes language barriers for $3.99 a week

apple vision pro app removes language barriers
Credit: Jordi Bruin

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t currently home to a lot of apps but it does have one that is potentially groundbreaking. A new app called Navi will be able to let people communicate with each other, even in different languages, which could be the start of something special.

Spotlighted by The Verge, Navi is an app that will transcribe and translate conversations in real-time, allowing for seamless conversation between two different languages. Just to show that this app works, a quick video was shown of Polish getting translated into English, letting us witness the app’s potential.

It will be interesting to see if an app like this can gain traction for the Apple Vision Pro, as the VR headset hasn’t made the best first impression. Various app developers have refused to make native apps for the headset, including major ones like YouTube and Spotify, which might turn away more mainstream audiences. Compared to other Apple devices, the Vision Pro also launched with less than 150 apps, though there’s hope more will be made.

Even with its fault, having the Navi should make meetings with foreign users a much easier experience for everyone involved. Not everyone has the time to master a language and use it well, so having an app immediately translate what you’re saying is great. This is something you expect to see in futuristic movies, so it’s good to know we’re heading in that direction.

Only time will tell if we see more revolutionary apps like this in the Apple Vision Pro, though that could sell it to more hardcore tech-savvy audiences. VR is already a niche interest, granted, but it is growing, as the 180,000 sold units from pre-orders show. It might take some time but letting devs make unique apps, including Zoom’s metaverse-esque features, might intrigue a ton of customers.

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The Apple Vision Pro is available now in most Apple stores and tech shops.

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