Palworld VR is slowly becoming a reality, but not just yet

palworld vr is slowly becoming a reality
Credit: Apple/Pocket Pair, Inc.

palworld vr is slowly becoming a reality
Credit: Apple/Pocket Pair, Inc.

Palworld has quickly become one of this year’s most talked-about games, as it finally gives players the weird “Pokémon with guns” fantasy many have wanted. It turns out there’s already another way to enjoy this title, as UEVR has given basic VR support to the popular survival game.

YouTube channel Paradise Decay has spotlighted the game in VR and it’s a surprisingly cohesive experience, especially for a kitchen sink title like Palworld. Through UEVR, players can explore this whole new world in first-person mode, making the process of giving your creatures guns more personal.

For those unaware, UEVR is a tool that allows for basic VR play if the game is running on Unreal Engine. Some sacrifices are made, like removing the player’s character model entirely, but it does allow for a unique mod like this. Players should know that this isn’t true VR, since there are no touch controls, but the immersive fundamentals are there.

Despite only coming out a few days ago, there’s already an entire community that adores Palworld. Some fans have already gone out of their way to add a Pokémon mod to the game, making the “Pokémon with guns” meme a reality.

While the buzz surrounding this game has been mostly positive, there have been a few controversies that cast a black cloud on this unique survival game. There are accusations of plagiarism and AI, as some of the character models look like they directly come from Pokémon, albeit, altered. Many are suspecting that AI was used to alter the character models, which is why some of them barely look altered from the Game Freak IP.

This has also led to some of the Palworld devs supposedly getting death threats, with the company’s CEO daring these fans to send them to him. Death threats are never a good thing and it’s a shame that these might make fans ignore some very possible accusations. All we can do is wait for the results.

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Palworld VR isn’t a reality yet, but there’s always a chance if the game gains more popularity. In the meantime, fans can purchase the game right now on Xbox and PC, though they will already have it if they’re Game Pass users.

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