Apple Vision Pro's Zoom app is another stab at the Metaverse

apple vision pro zoom app is another metaverse
Credit: Zoom

apple vision pro zoom app is another metaverse
Credit: Zoom

The Metaverse hype has died out in recent years, but it seems like Apple is willing to give it another shot with its upcoming Zoom app. Zoom is going to be released alongside the Apple Vision Pro as an attempt to immerse fans in a virtual world.

Revealed by the official Zoom website, this app will attempt to make calls through the Vision Pro a much more immersive experience for users. One of these features is “real-world pinning,” which will allow Vision Pro users to “tag” five callers and seemingly bring them to the same environment by removing their backgrounds.

Another interesting feature of the Apple Vision Pro app is being able to use “Personas” that will represent you during video calls. Unlike the Atlus video games, which are meant to represent the “real” you, these Personas are just avatars that are based on your facial expressions and hand movements.

Based on these features, it’s clear that Apple is still interested in the Metaverse, or a familiar kind of virtual world. Only time will tell if this will become relevant, but considering how no one talks about it anymore, this could be a waste of time.

It will be interesting to see if Zoom is enough to get VR fans interested in this headset, as Apple has been losing some momentum regarding this niche. While there are a ton of pre-orders for the headset, many feel that the Vision Pro is a bit lacking after some recent revelations.

YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify will not be available for the Apple Vision Pro at launch, which is a bad sign given how popular these apps are. Now to be fair, YouTube will still be viewable via the headset’s browser, but the app is easier to use and has benefits that aren’t as intuitive as the browser version.

Fans are hoping that the immersion of Zoom will be enough to sell the headset since it will supposedly launch with only 150 apps. More apps could be made as the Vision Pro remains active, but VR was already niche, and giving that audience fewer options isn’t great.

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The Apple Vision Pro will launch on February 2, alongside the Zoom app.

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