Razer sent us a box full of goodies; here's how the Mice compare

Early in December, RAZER were kind enough to send us a huge crate, full of their latest accessories to try out.

From keyboards to headphones, even a mat, there has been plenty for us to test.

However, the one category that we wanted to test, were their mice. RAZER are known for their mice peripherals, and how well they design them.

With that, here's a quick guide in how each of the six compare.

Basilisk Ultimate

Seen as the 'crème de la crème' in RAZER's arsenal of mice, its one that has 11 buttons, fully programmable, alongside a customisable scroll wheel so you can get the feeling for it, just right.

Alongside this, it also has its own dock, which also lights up, as a standard with RAZER's 'Synapse' RGB features. At £170, its the high-end of their mice here, but if you're one to game as much as you can, it would be an ideal option to look into further.

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A mouse for those who want extra customisation; there are swappable plates that can be attached to the side of the mouse, giving it even more buttons for a player to use.

These are especially useful for RPG games, and MMORPG, for when you need to quickly equip an item.

At £149.99, these are the pinnacle for those who want as much customisation as possible for the games they've put many hours into.

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Viper Ultimate

This is another high-end variation from RAZER but with a different design, more for gamers who prefer a smaller mouse but where the fingers are laying on top of the required buttons.

Featuring 70 hours of battery life, which matched up with our tests, it also has its own dock, similar to the 'Basilisk Ultimate', alongside 8 programmable buttons.

This mouse also retails at £149.99, so this is really down to which mouse feels more comfortable to you.

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Viper Mini

We reviewed this back in July of last year, and we lauded it for its affordable pricing at £39.99, alongside its compact and comfortable design.

As we said in the review, 'Plugging the Viper Mini in to my iPad Pro with a USB-C adapter, it recognised the mouse right away, and the glow of the logo shone as I was switching between Twitch, Outlook and Slack. For now anyway, there’s no way of customising the RGB in iPadOS, so you get the mouse control only.

But using it was a treat, and I found that having this mouse as something to throw in a bag if you’re staying somewhere, or just going to work, it’s a great use-case. Especially as the wire is surprisingly long, you could plug it in to your work machine and just use it as normal, regardless of how far that USB port could be."

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DeathAdder Pro

This mouse has a more curved-design while being slightly larger than the 'Basilisk Ultimate', making it more comfortable for those with bigger hands.

The latest model, released back in September last year, is now wireless, answering one of the biggest wishes of the DeathAdder's fans after many years.

Featuring a battery life of 120 hours, which also matched our usage, we found it to be a comfortable mouse while playing 'Sea of Thieves', 'Halo' and much more.

It was also compatible with the charging dock from the 'Basilisk Ultimate', so if anyone was thinking of upgrading, any compatibility concerns are quashed here.

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DeathAdder Mini

The smaller-brethren of the 'DeathAdder Pro', its a wired mouse that retails around £40, with unique 'grips' taped around the peripheral.

This gave it a 'rugged' look, and while we don't think it's really needed for the mouse, especially as it didn't help our game, it didn't detract from the design.

The 6 programmable buttons were useful once again, and while there still isn't USB-C here, the mouse does its job, and does its job well.

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