Razer reveals COVID-19 face mask with RGB: Price, release date, and how to get one

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To the surprise of lots of people, but at the very least those of us at Stealth Optional, Razer has announced Project Hazel, which is a face mask to help combat COVID-19.

Needless to say, it's covered with RGB lighting and has a few bits of fancy tech in it to make it viable.

Sure, you won't be wearing this at your desk while you're gaming, but it's always good to let everyone in the world know that you're all about that RGB aesthetic.

So, here's what you need to know about the Razer Face Mask.

Razer Face Mask price and release date

"Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average. Introducing our prototype of the most intelligent mask ever created—a design focusing on five key areas to ensure the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements."

That's the brief description of the mask, which currently has no price or release date.

However, unlike a lot of concepts companies show off, this is the kind of thing that is very much in demand, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it launch in the coming months.

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Razer Face Mask features

The mask has a surgical N95 respirator which has high bacterial filtration efficiency and fluid resistance. It also comes with a special case that has a UV light in it to kill bacteria and viruses as it charges.

From a less clinical standpoint, the mask is transparent to make it easier for those who lip read and like to see facial expressions in full, and it also includes a built-in mic to amplify your voice in order to avoid speech muffling.

It's definitely an odd product, but if things don't improve soon then we're likely to see more companies getting in on this kind of thing.

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