Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox review: A wireless gaming headset worth buying?

If you've been lucky enough to pick up an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, you might be looking for a headset to go with your snazzy new gaming machine. And the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox is a wireless headset that you should consider.

After all, neither Xbox supports standard Bluetooth, so you'll need a specialist headset like this if it's a wireless audio experience you want with your new console. (Look out for the 'Designed For Xbox' emblem on the box, if you're ever unsure which headsets will work wirelessly with an Xbox.)

To help you decide whether the Kaira Pro is the one for you, we've tested the headset with an Xbox Series X and compiled some opinions for you. Keep on reading for our full thoughts...

Design - Score 97

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When you take the Razer Kaira Pro out of its box, you know immediately that it's a high-quality product: the cushioning on the headband and the earphones is luxuriously squishy, and the overall design manages to look sleek whilst maintaining the flourishes you'd expect from Razer.

There is, for example, a bright green streak in several places. And there is RGB in the Razer logo on the outer side of both cups - when those bits light up in different colours, you'll look every bit like an epic gamer.

But on the flip side of that, the Kaira Pro is somewhat understated as Razer products go. You could easily wear this headset on your commute without attracting any baffled looks - they're quality headphones first and foremost, even though the more showy-offy elements are baked in there as well.

There are various buttons and slider wheels on the underside of the cups, which allow you to control your volume and other settings without having to constantly take the headset off. To be honest, I did struggle to remember what each button did, but you'll get over that learning curve eventually. All in all, this a neat design which blends function and flair very well.

Performance - Score 88

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Since it's been designed to support Xbox players in every area of their lives, the Kaira Pro is a very handy headset to have around. When you're using this headset for your basic needs, it absolutely does everything you'd expect: it's easy to connect up with your console, PC or phone, and the audio quality is almost always excellent.

You do get the very occasional crackle, but that is one of the downsides you expect when you move away from wired headphones. It's also worth mentioning that you don't get active noise cancellation with this headset (which seems a bit harsh given the price tag), but the cups' cushioning does ensure that you shouldn't get interrupted too easily.

The only other thing that got on my nerves is that fact that turning on this headset will automatically turn on your console, which isn't ideal when you just wanted to use it with your phone for a bit. I couldn't find a techie way to work around this quirk, so I got into the odd habit of unplugging the console when I wanted to use the headset with my phone. This feels a bit weird, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the headset overall.

It's when you get into the extra features that the Kaira Pro really shines: there's a built-in microphone that does the trick for chatting on the go, and there's also a detachable 9.9mm "hyperclear supercardioid" mic which enables high-quality voice chat for those proper online sessions on your console. There's even a slider wheel to balance your game/chat audio to suit your preference.

You can also switch between different presets: there's an FPS Mode that emphasises in-game sounds such as footsteps, and there's also a Bass Mode that will boost low-frequency sounds. The headset also has 'Windows Sonic', similar to the 3D Audio that Sony has been touting, which means you'll have sounds surrounding you in pinpoint-accurate locations.

Basically, as long as you can put up with a few little annoyances, having this headset by your side will really enhance your gaming experience - without requiring rocket science on your part - whether you're on console, computer or mobile.

Price - Score 85

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The Razer Kairo Pro is available for £149.99 on

the Razer website

, which is certainly a significant investment. The question is, then, does it represent good value? I would say that it does, just as long as you're going to make the most of it.

If you're a hardcore Xbox gamer and you're looking for a headset that will enhance your Xbox Series X experience with high-quality audio akin to those 3D Audio PS5 headsets, this is a product that will do all that and more.

It's a big bonus that you can attach a powerful microphone for online multiplayer sessions, and then detach that microphone again when you just want to link up with your phone and listen to some podcasts.

For all that it's giving you, you can't really argue with the Kaira Pro price. But still, we wouldn't complain if it was cheaper! We don't all have cash to throw around, especially after buying a new console.


Our Score


  • Very impressive audio quality
  • Detachable mic is a lovely touch
  • The design is cool yet understated


  • Automatically turns the console on
  • Sometimes crackles
  • No noise cancellation

At the end of the day, if you want to splash some cash on an Xbox Series X/S headset, and it has to be wireless, this is the best one that we've tested so far. It doesn't come cheap, but it will do the job nicely and provide some extra bells and whistles to boot.

For some gamers, there's nothing wrong with a wired headset that simply lives with your console. But the Kaira Pro frees you from the shackles of a cable and is versatile enough to be your go-to headset for podcast-listening too. It's a win-win, basically.


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