Razer reveals its most outlandish gaming chair yet, essentially a giant highchair

Lots of tech companies like showing off prototypes and ideas for products that may well never come into existence.

One of those ideas is the Razer Face Mask, but that one has a high chance of being real purely because it could well be an excellent seller.

Well, one of the other ideas they've put forward is a new take on the gaming chair.

Meet Razer's Project Brooklyn.

Have a look at Razer's Project Brooklyn highchair

Project Brooklyn is another gaming chair, but it's designed for babies or those that act like them.

Alright, it's not actually for babies, but it sure does look like it could be. While the chair itself is a fairly standard outside of some RGB lighting, but it also contains a desk extending out from the armrests.

Not only that, but there's a foldable curved screen that comes out from behind the headrest and in front of your eyes.

While it does look cool, aside from the fact that you might also need to wear a bib while gaming in it, is this the kind of project that's ever actually going to release?

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Is this ever actually going to come out?

As with a lot of these concepts, it's a little unlikely that this will ever see the light of day, or at least not any time soon.

The extendable desk is one thing that puts it a little out of reach, but the main issue is the magic folding screen that comes out from behind your head.

While foldable displays do exist, they're not quite at the level that would be needed to make this baby chair a reality.

It's a cool idea though, although it would be incredibly strange to have to wire the whole thing up.

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