PS5: Which way up should you put your console?

You can orientate your PlayStation 5 console one of two ways; vertical or horizontal, but which is better?

Regardless of how you position it, what matters is that you can use it and that it works as expected.

However, it's down to you to see which position is better; after all, you're going to be using it primarily for the next few years.

With that, here's what we recommend in which orientation is better.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Polygon has reported on which position should you put your PS5 at.

There verdict is, both, which should surprise no one. You can put your PS5 either on a vertical or horizontal position, it's your call.

The stand that was manufactured by Sony to be included on your PS5 console upon purchase is an appreciated extra- it caused theories on which position it best be placed at.

Regardless, it won't affect your PS5's performance, it's just more of an added aesthetic value in it.

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PlayStation consoles throughout the years

Despite the fact that you can orientate your PlayStation 5 console any position you wish, Sony have decided on one for their advertising.

Almost all of the marketing materials for the PS5 by Sony present the PS5 in a vertical position.

However, it may be because of a more attractive stance on a billboard. In any case, as long as your PS5 is working, you should not have any issue as to how you should position it.

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