PS5 DualSense controller now available in a PS1 and PS2-inspired theme

When the PS5 was first revealed, fans were left indifferent about the PlayStation 5 controller's design. The DualSense is currently only available in a two-tone black and white design - a departure from the PlayStation 4's all-black DualShock 4.

While it is likely that Sony will eventually release alternative-coloured PlayStation 5 products, there is a growing number of players wanting a DualSense variant sooner rather than later, and are opting for custom-built controllers instead.

Here's a look at the latest custom DualSense controller, designed as a throwback to the good ol' days of PlayStation...

PS1-Themed DualSense Controller

In a recent YouTube video, the custom controller maker LaZaModz revealed its Classic PS1-Themed PlayStation 5 controller, which is now available to buy.

Equipped with the iconic full colour PlayStation button, this controller replaces the white outer shell of the DualSense with the PS1's grey colour. The D-Pad and buttons have also been replaced with dark grey variants to match the PlayStation 1 design.

Along with a PS1-themed controller, LaZaModz also has a PS2-themed custom controller available, which replaces the white shell and buttons with black variants.

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How to buy custom PS5 controller

LaZaModz's controllers are available to buy on their website here, with the PS1 and PS2-themed DualSense controllers costing $164 and $148, respectively. It also offers a 'Send in Service' that allows you to send in your DualSense controller to be customised, knocking off part of the cost.

These custom controllers are the latest in a long range of unofficial customisation options being released for the PlayStation 4, with other companies also manufacturing custom faceplates. However, some of these companies have received warnings or threats of legal action from Sony, meaning LaZaModz might not be able to continue making these devices should Sony decide so.

Given the unofficial nature of LaZaModz's controllers and their less-than positive reviews on Facebook (albeit from 2015, it seems), we'd suggest that you'd be cautious when purchasing this controller, or at least know what you're getting in for.

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