DualSense Back Buttons: Sony files patent for PS5 controller attachment

The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller has been widely praised by reviewers and players alike, particularly for its impressive Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers components.

However, Sony may not be done with the PS5 controller, following the release of a patent for an external attachment that would add two back buttons to the DualSense controller.

Here's what the patent could mean...

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PS5 controller back buttons patent

As spotted by Okami on Twitter, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent for a 'Controller Add-On Device with Customizable Presets' on June 26 2020. This was then published in early February 2021.

In the device description, Sony states this is a "controller add-on device to add additional customizable buttons to a controller." These buttons will be attached using a housing that connects to the DualSense's body, allowing for two back buttons "to be within reach of a user's index, middle or ring fingers" while they are holding the DualSense. These buttons can then be configured to custom pre-sets, either created by Sony or the user.

This add-on, like back paddles seen on the Xbox Elite Controller and the SCUF controllers, is designed to improve and shorten response times - essential for games such as Call of Duty.

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Will Sony actually release a back button add-on?

Sony has a history of filing many patents only for nothing to come to fruition from the invention. Last year, the company filed a patent for a robot companion to keep players company while playing games, for example.

However, with the PS5 back button add-on, there is precedent. Sony previously released a DualShock Back Button Attachment for the PS4 controller in January 2020, which retailed at £26/$30.

If you compare the DualSense patent to that released for the DualShock, the resemblance is uncanny. The circular housing unit appears the same for both, as does the placement of the two buttons. If any Sony patent will amount to something, we're willing to bet it will be this.

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