PS5: Why is there no stock?

For PS5 enthusiasts who still don't have their own unit of the console, one question dazzles everyone's mind - why is there no stock?

Of course, this question can be answered in the most basic manner: the reason is also because of the fans.

Why? Supply and demand, I suggest. Yet there are a lot of factors why this supply and demand chain seems to be on a twist nowadays for the coveted console.

But really, why is there no stock of the PS5?

The impact of COVID-19

The pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus is one major factor contributing to the PS5 stock issues.

The lockdown imposed on almost all parts of the world really affected the production end of the PS5.

But it is not the only reason affiliated with the COVID-19, there's still something that I would like to discuss later on.

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Scalpers are everywhere

This sorry situation has been highlighted on the Reddit page for the PS5.

Scalpers are those who are capitalizing on the stock shortages with internet bots. And once there are PS5 units available online form a retailer, this is where they would launch their moves.

With the COVID-19 forcing more PS5 stocks to be sold online, the scalpers made their way to capture huge numbers of the console itself.

Scalping is basically the process whereby internet bots buy consoles before you can, allowing their sneaky owners to resell the units at an inflated price.

Long story short - it's not easy to get a PS5 right now, but the gradual easing of the pandemic's grip on our society could help in a number of ways. Once more consoles can be produced, and real stores can open again, one day you might just nab that PS5 of your dreams.

Until then, we'd recommend following our friends at Gfinity Deals on Twitter - they'll keep you posted about all the latest stock drops!

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