How to redeem a PS5 code

Redeem PS5 code

Redeem PS5 code

So, you're lucky enough to have just received a PS5 code, but where do you redeem it?

In this increasingly online gaming world, where Xbox owners wonder if the Xbox Series S has a disc drive, digital downloads are becoming the norm. And with this, so too are PS5 download codes.

The PS5 has lots of frustrating choices and issues. Whether it's the PS5 Error Code CE-118878-3, PS5 data transfer error or the PS5 controller drift issue, there's plenty to annoy a PlayStation owner, without not being able to redeem a PS5 code. So let's fix it.

How to redeem a code on PS5

The first thing you need to do is to go to the PlayStation Store of your PS5 screen. Click on the PS Store icon just on the far left of your main menu.

Look for the Redeem Code option by pressing the Down button to 'open' and explore the options available.

Then return to the top by pressing the Up button and you can find the options toolbar on the upper right part of your screen.

Click for more options, and choose the Redeem Code one. Enter your 12-digit code and begin the download of your items.

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PS5 Redeem Code Not Working

If your PS5 code is not working, there are several reasons why this could happen. Of course, it goes without saying that you should make sure you enter the correct PS5 code.

The first reason is that the PS5 code may no longer be valid. Depending on the product or the code, it may have an expiry date. Check the email or physical voucher to see if there is any mention of an expiry date.

Second, it might simply be that PSN is experiencing some issues. The PS5 is no stranger to internet-based issues, which often affect other services. These include the PS5 download error message, or the PS5 game share error, alongside PS5 code redemption. Check the PSN status, and try again later.

And finally, the official PS5 support page is keen to stress that you can only use a voucher code once. Make sure nobody else has used the code first.

Hopefully, you now manage to redeem that PS5 code, and get into downloading that game of PS5 DLC, so long as you don't have the PS5 slow download speed.

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