Payday 3 Xbox One - Is it on Xbox?

Is Payday 3 on Xbox One - picture of a Payday heister posing like Tony Montana
Credit: Starbreeze

Is Payday 3 on Xbox One - picture of a Payday heister posing like Tony Montana
Credit: Starbreeze

Now that Payday 3’s release date is approaching fast, players are speculating if the game will be released on Xbox One. Many fans were also excited upon knowing that Payday 3 will have multi-platform launches on PC, PS4, and PS5. Still, players are asking the question: Is Payday 3 on Xbox One? Read further to find out.

Aside from Payday 3’s Xbox release, there were also numerous inquiries about the game’s beta version. Players are mostly curious about the leveling strategies and challenge rewards on the beta version of Starbreeze’s third heist game.

So, is Payday 3 on Xbox One? In this article, we’ll show you the answer and we’ll even add some insights about the game’s performance and quality on Xbox.

Is Payday 3 on Xbox One?

Despite initial rumors from Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3 will not be launched on Xbox One. The third game in the series will only be available on current gen Xbox consoles, along with hitting Xbox Game Pass.

This will also allow players to enjoy it early. Additionally, players can take advantage of several pre-order bonuses along with the main game.

Some of the cool pre-order bonuses included in the Payday 3 editions are stylized masks, equipment bags, and other cosmetic goodies. Xbox players can also receive seasonal bonuses with a whole year’s worth of collectable loot.

Players are also wondering if the shooter will also be moddable on Xbox One. While the game’s modding possibility is still yet to be confirmed by the studio, players are still hopeful due to the success of Payday 2’s mod community.

How will Payday 3 perform on Xbox One

Payday 3 could have been expected to perform decently on Xbox One, based on what we had seen from the game’s footage and trailer. Since the heist game is running on Unreal Engine 4, it can deliver high-quality rendering, realistic effects, and seamless transitions.

Starbreeze Studios has also emphasized that Payday 3’s graphics quality will be identical to the PC version. This is a great thing because Payday 3’s PC gameplay is superb and highly immersive. You almost feel like you’re in a real adrenaline-pumping heist.

Are you now excited that Payday 3 is coming out on Xbox One? Before you rush to try out the beta, check out our guide on best team compositions. You can also explore our guide on how to reset sprinklers in Payday 3.

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