How to reset sprinklers in Payday 3

how to reset sprinklers in Payday 3 - picture of the Payday Gang after a heist
Credit: Payday 3

how to reset sprinklers in Payday 3 - picture of the Payday Gang after a heist
Credit: Payday 3

Knowing how to reset sprinklers in Payday 3 is a useful strategy that can help you and your team accomplish a Payday 3 heist. Payday’s sprinkler system is actually easy to activate and reset, but it might have new mechanics once Payday 3 has been released.

In Payday 2, sprinklers can be reset by hitting them with guns and melee weapons. Players speculate that Payday 3 will follow the same system.

If you want to know how to reset sprinklers properly, you’ll learn a lot from this guide. We’ll show you the best way of resetting sprinklers in Payday 3.

How to reset sprinkles in Payday 3

While there’s still no information about the sprinkler system in Payday 3, players have speculated that the system can be reset by hitting the main valve switch. Bullets and blunt force are enough to activate or deactivate the valve.

In Payday 3, players might encounter new ways of activating or deactivating valves. Some ways might include electronic bypass, hacking, and even the classic destruction of exposed pipes.

During heists, the sprinkler system is meant to clear a path if everything is on fire. Perhaps Payday 3 can entice players to use sprinklers as a form of distraction while fleeing to safety.

What are the other alternatives to Payday 3 sprinklers?

If you’re a daring heister who’s not afraid of fire, you can use some strategies that don’t involve sprinklers. Just keep in mind that these strategies might not always work, and they depend on the current heist map.

These are some alternatives to Payday 3’s sprinkler system method:

  • Find a fire-proof spot and wait for the conclusion of a cutscene.
  • Wear fire-resistant armour or gear.
  • Relocate quickly as the fire spreads.
  • Double check the heist area for additional exits and vantage points.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring more ammo to take down pursuing enemies amidst the flurry of the sprinklers. And always remember to equip the best Payday 3 guns in your loadout!

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