Payday 3 - can you get more ammo?

Can you buy more ammo Payday 3 - picture of the Payday gang posing
Credit: Starbreeze

Can you buy more ammo Payday 3 - picture of the Payday gang posing
Credit: Starbreeze

Can you get more ammo in Payday 3? This is a common inquiry among Payday fans, especially those who are eager to have more ammo bags and variations.

Since Payday 3 has lots of available weapons, it’s logical for the game to have multiple ammo types. Ammo variety is important because it can change the outcome of combat - for better or for worse.

So, can you get more ammo in Payday 3 to be used in heists? We’ll answer the question through the information curated in this short yet concise guide.

Can you get more ammo in Payday 3?

While there’s no exact information about ammo variety in Payday 3, it’s possible that the game will allow players to buy more ammo. The ammo system might be similar to Payday 2, offering greater variety across various weapon categories.

Having more types of ammo in Payday 3 can improve the overall gaming experience of players. With different ammo choices, players can customise their loadouts effectively and prepare for possible shootouts.

Players speculate that ammo in Payday 3 can be acquired from in-game shops, heists, and specific mission drops. If ammo is scarce but has great variety, it will compel players to work hard and smart during heists.

Will ammo be included in Payday 3 microtransactions?

Currently, according to Payday 3’s official site, ammo won’t be included in microtransactions and pre-order bonuses. Microtransactions are limited to purely cosmetic items and skins.

Additionally, players will get the chance to get Payday Credits before Payday 3’s global release date. Payday Credits can be used to buy cosmetic items from Steam, and they’re also great for bragging rights. After Payday 3's release date, players might also get the chance to avail Payday Credits through other platforms.

To learn more about Payday 3 ammo and weapons, you can visit the game’s Steam community hub. Also, don’t forget to check out our guides on Payday 3’s new characters and Steam Deck performance settings.

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