Payday 3 characters - all characters in the heist game

Payday 3 characters - picture of Payday 3 heisters in a gunfight
Credit: Starbreeze

Payday 3 characters - picture of Payday 3 heisters in a gunfight
Credit: Starbreeze

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Many players are now speculating about the Payday 3 characters that will be available on the global launch date. Some players are wondering if the old characters will have a comeback, while others are excited about the possibility of new characters.

Additionally, players are managing their expectations about Payday 3’s characters and upcoming game features. This clearly indicates that the buzz for Payday 3 will remain high until the game’s release date.

So, let’s see the Payday 3 characters that will help you pull off a thrilling heist in the new Starbreeze shooting game.

Payday 3 characters you can play as

It has been confirmed that the original heisters from Payday: The Heist will return in Payday 3. However, numerous heisters and gang members won’t return due to some licensing issues.

Here are the available characters for Payday 3:

  • Dallas: The leader of the Payday gang and also known as Nathan Steele.
  • Chains: The adrenaline-seeking war veteran, also known as Nicolas.
  • Hoxton: James Hoxworth or Hoxton is back, and no prison will stop him.
  • Wolf: Ulf the Technician is ready to commit daring heists again.

While the major characters of the Payday franchise will appear in Payday 3, some minor characters won’t be included. Some of the excluded characters are Ethan, Joy, Hila, Jacket, Jimmy, Bodhi, John Wick, and Rust.

Will there be new Payday 3 characters?

According to Starbreeze, up to two new characters will join the gang in Payday 3. There’s still no in-depth information about these characters, but they will probably have interesting backstories and unlockables.

Players are also speculating if the new characters will be part of exclusive DLC products of Payday 3. Such characters are great additions to Payday 3’s pre-order bonuses and game rewards.

The exciting pre-order bonuses of Payday 3 are The Collector’s Mask (golden clown mask), custom stickers, custom deck of cards, special Gold Season Pass, Dark Sterling Mask, and Liberty Mask. An exclusive membership to the Collector’s Club is also included. Most of the pre-order bonuses are cosmetic items and won’t have game-changing attributes.

Now that you know about the upcoming characters, check out our guide on Payday 3 weapons. Also, if you want to play Payday 3 on Steam Deck, feel free to analyse our performance and best settings guide. Enjoy planning your Payday 3 heists!

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