How to get ink in Nightingale

Various Realm Cards on display in Nightingale.
Credit: Inflexion Games

Various Realm Cards on display in Nightingale.
Credit: Inflexion Games

Being a survival crafting game, it's only natural that Nightingale features tons of resources that are very important in order to get by and progress through your adventure. You'll be surprised, however, to learn that one of these most important resources is ink.

Ink, or Alchemical Ink, is required at the Enchanter’s Focus to create Realm Cards in the game, such as the Antiquarian card. Here's how you can get your hands on ink in Nightingale.

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How to get ink in Nightingale

Getting your hands on Alchemical Ink in Nightingale is a multi-step process. It involves obtaining refined pigment and glass. That much on its sounds simple enough, but to craft the ink, you're going to need 3 different crafting stations: the simple saw table, smelter, and mortar station.

Making the crafting stations

To make each crafting station, you must buy their blueprints from an Essence Trader. The first Essence Trader you'll come across will be at the Antiquarian Site of Power, and you can buy the required blueprints from them immediately given that you have enough Essence Dust.

Once you've got the blueprints, all you need is the materials. Here's what you'll need to build each crafting Station:

  • Saw table: 8x wood bundle, 4x stone block, 4x animal fibre
  • Smelter: 4x stone block, 6x rock
  • Mortar station: 3x lumber, 8x fibre

You're going to want to start by crafting the saw table since it's necessary to make the material necessary for the mortar station, namely lumber.

Character standing in front of a crafting station in Nightingale.
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Credit: Inflexion Games

Crafting ink

Once you have each of the required crafting stations set up, all that's left is to make refined pigment and glass.

You can make refined pigment by going to the mortar station and processing two of the same animal meat, flowers, or mushrooms. For glass, head to the smelter and use up two gems that you find in the game's overworld.

Finally, after crafting both of the necessary ingredients, you can begin crafting ink. Head back to the mortar station and process the refined pigment and glass together in order to get 12x Alchemical Ink.

That's all you need to know to craft ink in Nightingale. For more, make sure to check our articles on how to use text chat in Nightingale and whether the game has cheats.

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