How to unlock Nightingale Antiquarian card

Nightingale player holding sledgehammer with arm out with another player standing in portal entrance
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale player holding sledgehammer with arm out with another player standing in portal entrance
Credit: Inflexion Games

Want to know how to get the Nightingale Antiquarian card? We've got you covered.

Inflexion Games' open-world survival title features a wealth of mechanics to master with many of them requiring cards that can be unlocked to transform the surrounding area or teleport players to a completely new location.

Some Realm Cards require more time to unlock than others but the Nightingale Antiquarian card is one of the more straightforward cards to obtain. In our guide, find out how to unlock the Antiquarian card as fast as possible. But before we take a closer look, be sure to check out our gaming page for guides surrounding several PC games.

How to get Nightingale Antiquarian card

To obtain the Antiquarian card, you need to complete the site of power that's located at the top of the tower close to the first Realm base. By climbing towards the very top of the building, you'll find an orange gateway. Make your way through the gateway.

Instead of being able to grab the card and be on your way, a message telling you to defeat all of the enemies will appear. Move down each staircase, eliminating any enemies you come across. It's worth noting that some will deal damage with melee attacks while others are armed with weaponry.

With all enemies taken care of, you'll arrive on the bottom floor. Follow the golden pathway into the next area and activate the blue switch. This triggers a boss fight.

Nightingale player stood in front of gold and blue altar
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Credit: Inflexion Games

After defeating the boss, and you'll get your hands on the Antiquarian card. The boss is relatively easy to defeat, with most weapons capable of dealing enough damage.

How to craft Nightingale Antiquarian card

If you don't fancy taking on a boss, you can craft the Antiquarian card in Nightingale. Here's what you need to do:

  • Find a Simple Enchanter's Focus
  • Use one Paper, one Ink, and 25 Essence

After crafting the card, head to a portal along with a Forest Card and you can travel to an Antiquarian Realm with ease.

There you have it, that's how to get the Antiquarian card in Nightingale. For more, check out our guides page for plenty of information on several PC titles.

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