Best Nightingale loadout difficulty settings

Nightingale character reaching for a light

Nightingale character reaching for a light

Trying to figure out what the best Nightingale loadout difficulty settings are? We’ve got info that will make things clearer for you.

In Nightingale, players will fight for survival as they explore the fantastical world of the Fae Realms. During your stay in this dreamlike place, you’ll learn to brave the elements and upgrade your gear as you go along.

But before you even begin your journey, you will be met with a decision to make. So, let’s go ahead and get into the details behind the Nightingale loadout difficulty settings.

Nightingale character carrying a gun
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What is the best Nightingale loadout difficulty setting?

The best loadout difficulty setting for Nightingale will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. The game has four different settings to choose from, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

  • Easy loadout – with this setting, you enter the Fae Realms with some relatively powerful gear. This makes it a lot easier to deal with anything that comes your way, especially in the early stages of the game.
  • Medium loadout – start the game with decent gear without making things too easy. This is the most balanced setting out of the four.
  • Hard loadout – your character will start their journey unprepared for the realms of Nightingale. You are likely to have a difficult time dealing with any challenges you are faced with.
  • Extreme loadout – get thrust into the Fae Realms completely unprepared. You will start the game with absolutely nothing and will have to do anything and everything you can just to stay alive.

Now that we know a little more about the different loadout difficulty settings in Nightingale, we can tell that the best one depends on how much of a challenge you want while playing the game. If it’s your first time playing through Nightingale, you may want to start with the Easy or Medium setting while you learn the ropes.

And that wraps up our guide on the best Nightingale loadout difficulty setting. In case you run into some issues while running Nightingale you can check out our guides on how to fix the shards error and crashing issues.

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