How to craft Nightingale Uncommon upgrade

Nightingale forest
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale forest
Credit: Inflexion Games

You have a lot of different equipment in Nightingale that you need to use to extract resources and fight. As you progress through the game, you will get an objective in which you will need to upgrade Common items, so you should know how to craft Uncommon upgrades in Nightingale.

Crafting Uncommon items is quite simple, but it requires several different workplaces to get everything you need. The game doesn't give any hints on how to do this, so next, we'll show you the steps to upgrade your gear.

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How to craft Uncommon items in Nightingale

To upgrade items in Nightingale, you have to build a Simple Upgrade Bench. However, one of the materials needed for this is Twine, which can only be crafted on a Simple Spinning Wheel.

Simple Spinning Wheel Nightingale
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Credit: Inflexion Games

Buy the blueprint for this workstation from Essence Trader and craft it from the following materials:

Once you have placed the Simple Spinning Wheel, you can craft Twine from any type of Fibre. After that, you can start building the Simple Upgrade Bench. Its recipe looks like this:

  • 4 Lumber
  • 2 Ingot
  • 3 Twine
Simple Upgrade Bench Nightingale
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Credit: Inflexion Games

When you put the Simple Upgrade Bench in place, you will be able to upgrade items when interacting with it. All you need is the item itself, as well as 40 T1 Essense for the Uncommon upgrade. You can upgrade not only tools, weapons, and clothing, but also, for example, a torch or an umbrella

You can get T1 Essense in Realms where you use an Antiquarian Card, Astrolabe Card, and Provisions Card. The best way to farm a lot of this resource is to go and defeat enemies in Fae Tower.

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