How to craft Paper in Nightingale

Nightingale base
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale base
Credit: Inflexion Games

When you are in the final stages of learning all the nuances of the Nightingale world, Puck will instruct you to create several Realm Cards to advance the plot. Travelling between realms is the feature of this game and one of its key mechanics, but you'll have to craft a few ingredients to get started. So, if you don't know how to craft Paper in Nightingale, we're here to help.

Along with Ink, Paper is one of the integral ingredients needed at all the game stages. Therefore, despite the difficulties at the beginning of the journey, crafting this item will become commonplace for you.

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How to make Paper in Nightingale

Nightingale Simple Saw Table
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Credit: Inflexion Games

Before you can craft a Paper in Nightingale, you must meet several prerequisites. First, you need to accumulate some Essence and visit the Essence Trader. To get Paper, you will need a workstation, a Simple Saw Table. The only way to get the crafting recipe for this station is to buy it from the Essence Trader for 55 Essence. But once you get the recipe, you can build it using the following materials:

  • x8 Wood Bundle. You can get it with a makeshift axe by cutting down a tree.
  • x4 Stone Block. You can get it with a basic pickaxe by breaking the stone.
  • x4 Animal Fiber. You can make it by processing any Meat at the Simple Tanning Station.
Paper in Nightingale
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Credit: Inflexion Games

Once you create a Simple Saw Table, you will automatically unlock the Paper recipe in Nightingale, which only requires x2 Wood Bundle. You only need to interact with the new structure and select the desired recipe, and upon completion of the process, you will receive 12 Papers.

It is worth noting that you can always buy some Paper from Essence Trader by spending some Essence. However, this method makes sense only in the most extreme cases. The value and variability of the use of Paper are significantly lower than that of Essence, so purchasing this item is a wasteful decision.

How to use Paper in Nightingale

The only use for Paper is to create Realm Cards. One card only requires one Paper, but you also must create Ink. Crafting this ingredient will take a little longer because, in addition to the Saw Table, you will also need a Smelter to create the glass and a Mortar Table for the final mixing of the Alchemical Ink. This is not an easy process, but we are confident that you can handle it.

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