Where to find Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale

Nightingale dungeon
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale dungeon
Credit: Inflexion Games

With the help of Realm Cards, you can move between different worlds in Nightingale. But you don't have to use them every time but use the Portal instead. But first, you should find out where to find Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale.

Synchronous Lotus is a key item in the creation of the Realm Portal. It will allow you to move between several worlds at the same time, which will greatly simplify the collection of resources. Yet getting the Lotus can be quite a challenge.

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Where to find Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale

Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale
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Credit: Inflexion Games

Although the Synchronous Lotus is a highly valuable item in Nightingale, it can be found by visiting some structures in Realms. More precisely, you need Fae Towers and Ruins. The first ones can be found quite easily, as they are tall. At the same time, the entrance to the Ruins is less noticeable. But if you carefully explore the locations, you can find them too.

In both of these types of structures, groups of enemies await you. They are quite strong, so you better increase your gear score before exploring a new structure. In addition to enemies, you will find many traps. Most of them can be walked around or jumped over, but you should be careful. And when you clear out these small dungeons, you can find chests with loot that may contain Synchronous Lotuses

For example, your first Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale has a 100% chance of being found on top of the Fae Tower in a chest. One of Aurelio's quests will take you there.

What is Synchronous Lotus used for in Nightingale?

During the same quest from Aurelio, you will need to use Synchronous Lotus to create a Portal. And this is the main purpose of the Lotus. Note that you can build more than one Portal. But for each of them, you will need to find a new Synchronous Lotus. Fortunately, the remaining necessary resources are much easier to obtain:

  • Synchronous Lotus -You can find them in Fae Towers or Ruins.
  • Ingots - Can be obtained after smelting Ore.
  • Wires - Can be obtained after smelting Ingots.
  • Lumber - Can be obtained from wood using a Saw Table.

That's all you have to know about where to find Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale. This is an important item, without which it will be difficult for you to travel between several Realms. Therefore, visit the Fae Towers or Ruins as soon as you find them.

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