Does Nightingale have cheats?

A house beneath a cosmic sky in Nightingale.

A house beneath a cosmic sky in Nightingale.

Does the new game Nightingale have cheats? In most scenarios, the word cheat has a pretty negative connotation. But not in gaming! Picture this: you're playing a game, and suddenly, you hit a roadblock. Or maybe you're getting bored and just want to spice things up a bit! These are some points when in-game cheats come in to save the day.

Being a survival crafting game, Nightingale has a ton of room to give its players fun cheats to mess around with. So all this begs the question: does Nightingale have cheats?

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Does Nightingale have cheats?

When we talk about cheats in Nightingale, what we're talking about is a little thing called console commands. Essentially, these are text-based commands entered into a game's console interface, granting players access to a bunch of fun alterations not typically accessible by just playing the game.

Unfortunately, console commands are not currently a supported feature in Nightingale. The game does support text chat, but no

Will cheats/console commands come to Nightingale?

As of publishing, Nightingale is a brand new title that has just only hit stores in early access. In this state, a feature like console commands should not be expected. However, this doesn't mean that you won't be able to have fun with cheats later in the game's development.

Oftentimes, features like console commands are not added to a game until the initial bugs and glitches are ironed out.

If the feature is ever added to the game, we'll make sure to list all available console commands in the game for you right here on this page.

For now, that's all you need to know about cheats/console commands in Nightingale. For more, check out our articles on how to find Essence Dust in Nightingale and which loadout difficulty settings are the best in the game.

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