What are the secrets and Easter Eggs in Lethal Company?

A mysterious machine with 'Don't Tell' written on it in red paint.
Credit: Kieron West // Stealth Optional

The monster-infested moons of Lethal Company may have most players screaming, but its creepier mysteries are sure to leave you with a lingering sense of dread. If you've wondered what the hell is going on in the retro-futuristic dystopia, you're not alone.

Some may be content to build piles of scrap and feed the ever-hungry company, but if you're a sucker for a good mystery, you're in the right place. In this guide, we dare to ask: What are the secrets and Easter Eggs in Lethal Company?

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Lethal Company secrets

The fanbase is rife with theories, and while new secrets are being discovered often, we've listed several of the most mysterious ones below.

The 'Don't Tell' machine

One of the game's more well-known secrets, the 'Don't Tell' machine can be visited whenever you visit the company's headquarters. Instead of rushing to the front desk, open a hatch near the shipping containers. After climbing down a ladder, jump over the railing onto a metal beam and carefully navigate forward until you reach a platform. A switch on the right reveals the machine below in all its glory.

A large machine with 'DON'T TELL' written on the side in red paint.
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Credit: Kieron West // Stealth Optional
Not pictured: what looks to be a detonator nearby, with a cut wire leading to the machine.

Fans have gone wild with speculation. Who should we 'Not Tell', the company? Is it all an elaborate reference to Iron Lung? Why does it have apparatus-shaped spaces in it, and why is 'Battery' written on the side? Only time will tell, but with a space circled on the wall and tracks leading up to it, it seems like someone's planning to break into the building.

Sigurd's logs

Scattered across various moons and even found near the Company's headquarters, Sigurd's Logs are the main source of Lethal Company lore. If you're not sure which ones you've picked up, typing 'Sigurd' into the terminal shows a list of every log you've found. They can be read in their entirety in this Steam Community guide by Yefeyks.

  • First Log
  • Golden planet
  • Smells here!
  • Swing of things
  • Shady
  • Sound behind the wall
  • Goodbye
  • Screams
  • Idea
  • Nonsense
  • Hiding
  • Real Job
  • Desmond

Secret commands

The terminal is a great source of mysteries, with some commands being spread entirely through word-of-mouth. We've listed some useful ones below.

  • Survival Kit - quickly order four walkie-talkies, four flashlights, and one shovel
  • 'c' - quickly confirm a command instead of typing out 'confirm'
  • 'd' - quickly deny a command instead of typing out 'deny'
  • Eject - Kill everyone currently on the ship by opening the airlock

Ominous Company voice lines

There's no known way to trigger specific lines, but 'feeding' the creature inside the company building can prompt strange responses. Some can be listened to in the video below, and range from "This wall cannot contain it" to "The Company must stay happy."

Lethal Company Easter Eggs

In video games, 'Easter Eggs' refer to any references put in the game by developers. These could be nods to TV shows, popular culture, or even the developers' prior games. They're often hard to find and inspire players to 'hunt' for them, hence the strange name.

The Backrooms

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, The Backrooms are an entire dimension made up of 'liminal spaces' - places that feel uncanny or creepy. They're usually represented by dim lights, musty carpets, and ugly yellow wallpaper.

A Backrooms-inspired room in Lethal Company
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Credit: Kieron West // Stealth Optional

In-game, you can find a mysterious yellow room that's almost certainly a reference to the backrooms. It doesn't do much on its own, but it's always nice to see a well-lit room when your flashlight's running low. It can even contain loot!

The SCP Foundation

One of the internet's largest creative projects, it feels almost reductive to call the SCP foundation 'home to some of the internet's most iconic monsters'. Thousands of authors have contributed their ideas for anomalous objects, places, and monsters - many of which have inspired video games like Lethal Company.

  • Coilhead monsters behave like SCP-173, a statue that kills when you aren't looking at it. 173 was, in turn, inspired by Doctor Who's 'Weeping Angels'.
  • The Dramatic Masks behave like SCP-035, a mask that shifts between a comedy and tragedy expression. It possesses wearers and gradually destroys their bodies.

The SCP foundation has inspired many creators, so it's entirely possible that more monsters or even planets will be inspired by it in future.

Those are all of our favourite Lethal Company secrets and Easter Eggs right now. It's likely that more will be added in future, but until then, consider checking out our guides to radiation and safely collecting bee hives.

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