Best Lethal Company mods (December 2023)

Lethal Company Mods
Credit: IGN

Lethal Company Mods
Credit: IGN
December 19, 2023 - We updated our list of the best Lethal Company mods that are available right now.

The best way to make any co-op horror game like Lethal Company more fun is to mod in more exciting features. This game is insanely entertaining, even under its genre, especially thanks to its active modding community behind the best Lethal Company mods.

Thanks to its developer, Zeekerss, Lethal Company's dynamic gameplay encourages players to tweak and try out different variations of the game. These mods can greatly enhance your experience of Lethal Company, and are well worth checking out.

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Credit: Twinfinite
Lethal Company Flashlight Toggle mod

Flashlight Toggle

In Lethal Company, you can't use your flashlight for a prolonged period of time, or else you'll drain the battery. Plus, you aren't able to hold the flashlight alongside any other item, meaning you'll be unable to defend yourself. The Flashlight Toggle mod from The Renegades seeks to ease this struggle by allowing you to hold another item alongside the flashlight.

With this mod, you'll also be able to toggle your flashlight on and off, provided that it is in your inventory. By pressing "F", you'll automatically switch the light on and off, even if you're holding some scrap or a weapon in your hands.

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Credit: Beebom
Lethal Company Ship Loot mod


The primary aim of Lethal Company is to loot and collect a lot of scrap to meet the daily quota. However, if the value of the scrap does not meet the quota, you'll have wasted a load of time and effort. ShipLoot is designed to deal with this challenge, and help you stay aware of how much valuable scrap you've picked up.

With ShipLoot, you can see the total value of your scrap without having to scan it all in your field of vision. You'll always be able to see your total scrap value too, displayed in the bottom right of the screen.

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Credit: Pro Game Guides
Lethal Company More Suits mod

More Suits

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Who says you can die in style? It's mundane to wear the same outfit every day for scrap collecting and survival missions. While the Company does provide a small array of suits, it's limited to a few colours. All in all, a fashionably sad affair. Thankfully, x73, the creator of the More Suits mod, feels the same way.

With this mod, you can customise your look by adding a splash of colour to your daily office wear. With this mod, you're able to change the colour of your suit to a much wider array of colours and outfits, so you can be more easily identified amonst a group of friends. This makes it a must-have to pair with the next mod on our list.

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Credit: The Nerd Stash
Lethal Company Bigger Lobby mod


What happens when you go beyond the default number of team members in a horror game? Absolute madness! That's what the BiggerLobby mod by bizzlemip helps you achieve.

The BiggerLobby lets you add 50 players all at once. Nothing spells out the chaos more than watching 40-suited characters swarming in, looting a desolated area, and beating the absolute heck out of any monster that dares attack. To find out more about the BiggerLobby mod, check out our guide on how to increase the player limit in Lethal Company.

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Credit: Shack News
Lethal Company Late Company mod


Sometimes, workplace or personal hassles can make you late for the start of your Lethal Company runs with friends, even when using mods. Once a game session starts, the default game doesn't allow anyone to join while the ship is landed, which can be highly inconvenient.

Thankfully, the LateCompany mod by anormaltwig lets you join your team's session whenever you're free. With this mod, you can join an already active playthrough and help your team to survive. It's a great way to enjoy co-op gaming without missing out on fun memories with your friends.

All in all, these are some of the best mods for Lethal Company. Not only can you make a grim atmosphere light up with flashy ensembles, but also get to calculate your scrap values and play in larger teams.

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