Lethal Company radiation - what does it do?

Lethal Company player carrying the Apparatus

Lethal Company player carrying the Apparatus

In a game that has the word lethal right there in its title, you’re going to be wary of most things that come your way. That’s why we’ve come up with this Lethal Company radiation guide to help you figure out how the effect might impact you and your allies.

Lethal Company has you teaming up with other players to hunt for scraps on abandoned moons. You’ll encounter a variety of monsters on these moons, including the dreaded Flower Man.

But what does Lethal Company do? Let’s find out how this effect can impact you and your teammates on your scrap-collecting missions.

The Apparatus connected to a wall
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What does radiation do in Lethal Company?

You don’t have to worry about receiving any sort of damage over time effect or movement speed penalties when you see the “Increased levels of radiation” message flash across your screen. It's simply a warning that means escaping the facility will be a bit more difficult.

The radiation warning pops up after you grab the Apparatus from the facility. The Apparatus acts as the building’s power source, so you’ll have to make your way out through the darkness and without locked doors. This makes it easier for any nearby monsters to sneak up on you.

You won’t be able to place the Apparatus back on the wall once you take it, so make sure you have a solid escape plan before grabbing the device. We recommend always having a flashlight at the ready. And remember, you’ve got teammates to help you out, so communicate with them as often as you can.

What is the Apparatus used for in Lethal Company?

The Apparatus is considered another scrap item in Lethal Company. If you manage to grab one and successfully make it back to your ship, you can sell it for 80c.

That’s a pretty hefty amount of cash in Lethal Company, making a poorly lit escape more enticing. Selling the Apparatus should go a long way in helping you reach the Company’s quota.

And that’s our guide on how radiation can affect your Lethal Company playthrough. For more help with the survival horror game, feel free to check out how to respawn and where to find the submarine.

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