Is Immortals of Aveum on PS5?

Is Immortals of Aveum on PS5 Jak

Is Immortals of Aveum on PS5 Jak

If you’re looking to play Ascendant Studios’ fantasy-infused first-person shooter, you may be asking, is Immortals of Aveum on PS5? Hurling a flurry of arcane bullets at a horde of enemies does look like a lot of fun, so it’s only natural you’d be curious about the title.

Immortals of Aveum will be the first game from Ascendant Studios, but several members of its staff have worked on titles like Dead Space, Borderlands 2, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. That’s a pretty solid track record, so the California-based studio does have a lot of potential.

So is Immortals of Aveum on PS5? Let’s go ahead and find out if you will be able to play this FPS on Sony’s current-gen gaming console.

Is Immortals of Aveum on PlayStation 5?

Yes, Immortals of Aveum is available on the PlayStation 5. This means you can expect the game to take advantage of the console’s hardware capabilities for great visuals and a smooth gaming experience.

The first-person shooter is also available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Previous-gen console owners aren’t as lucky though since Immortals of Aveum will not be coming to the PS4 or the Xbox One.

So if you’re looking to play this magic-based shooting game, you’ll need either a current-gen console or a PC capable of running it.

Does Immortals of Aveum have multiplayer?

No, Immortals of Aveum does not have any sort of multiplayer mode. Ascendant Studios has confirmed that their first-ever title will be an exclusively single-player experience.

The studio has also confirmed that Immortals of Aveum will not have an open world, but there will be areas of the game that are large enough for some exploration. That being said, Immortals of Aveum does incorporate other gaming elements such as platforming and puzzle-solving.

And that’s all for Immortals of Aveum being on the PS5. If you’re in the mood for more FPS adventures, you may want to take a look at Starfield and Destiny 2.

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