Are Destiny 2 servers down? Status, downtime

Are Destiny 2 servers down? Status, downtime

Are Destiny 2 servers down? Status, downtime

Numerous Destiny 2 players have been encountering error codes like Weasel, Chicken, and Baboon, leading them to question the status of the game's servers. The recurring errors have left players pondering, "are Destiny 2 servers down?"

Destiny 2's servers can go down for a number of reasons, but most regularly, it is when the game is set to get a major update. When such an update rolls out, the developers bring down the servers for a planned maintenance period, and when they return, all that fresh content is waiting for you.

With that said, what is the current server status for Destiny 2? Below we look at whether they are live or not, and when any scheduled maintenance is expected.

Are the Destiny 2 servers down?

At the time of writing on April 16 2024, Destiny 2 servers are offline due to the weekly update being implemented.

Every Tuesday at 10 AM PT/12 PM CT, the Destiny 2 servers go down as part of the regularly scheduled weekly reset. We will update this when an unexpected emergency maintenance happens.

During this maintenance period, players won't be able to log-in to Destiny 2 at all. The constant issues have impacted several players trying to grind the multiple different PvE and PvP activities.

It's particularly disrupting for those into competitive PvP, as multiple disconnections from the servers can be detecting as leaving matches before they're completing, handing them undeserved penalties as a result.

Bungie is aware of the problem and actively working to address it. It's possible that the server maintenance or other factors have caused unexpected complications, resulting in login problems for some players.

How to check if the Destiny 2 servers are online

There are a number of ways to get forewarning for when the Destiny 2 servers are set to come down.

The Bungie Help Twitter account regularly tweets about planned maintenance, as well as provides live updates to any issues players may be running into.

The developers also regularly post upcoming planned maintenance on the Bungie website, which is broken down into a timeline, also detailing why the maintenance is taking place.

Of course, the Destiny 2 servers may down for unplanned reasons, an issue that could also be region and platform specific. If we learn of any issues, we will be updating this page with the most up-to-date information.

If the servers aren't down and you are having trouble connecting to the Destiny 2 servers it may be an issue at your end.

Some frequently cited issues are the Olive, Marmot, and Plum error codes, check out our guides for them if you need help resolving those.

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