Starfield - release date, trailer, and platforms

Starfield release date trailer and platforms - picture of a starship
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield release date trailer and platforms - picture of a starship
Credit: Bethesda

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As the hype surrounding Starfield reaches new heights, contrasting sentiments emerge within the gaming community.

While some critics attempt to undermine the excitement by orchestrating review bombs, passionate Starfield fans rise above the noise. Their unwavering dedication is evident in the creation of a comprehensive 400-page game bible for Bethesda's upcoming RPG.

Read on to learn more essential information about the Starfield release date, trailer, and platforms.

Starfield release date

Starfield has been released on September 6, 2023.

Starfield was originally slated for release on November 11, 2022, but even before then, the game was feature complete. However, Xbox demanded bug fixes, causing a major delay.

On the bright side, Starfield's delay has resulted in a much-improved game. As pointed out on the Starfield subreddit forum, the differences between the game one year on are monumental.

Starfield platforms

Based on current information, Starfield will be released on a few platforms, but there will be a huge exception: no PlayStation version. One reason is that Starfield is an Xbox exclusive obviously, so it won't be released on PlayStation, this has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Here are the platforms where you can play Starfield:

  • Windows PC
  • Xbox Series X|S

Yes, Starfield is only coming to Xbox Series and PC, but fans are begging Bethesda to make it a PlayStation exclusive. It’s never going to happen, as Microsoft has poured too much money into this studio.

Since the game is available on Steam, players may also try to run Starfield on Steam Deck. That said, the title appears to be too demanding for the Steam Deck and Valve's handheld console may struggle.

Starfield trailer

Starfield's official trailer has revealed many interesting things such as interplanetary travel, deep exploration, mysteries, and a group of interesting characters. Additionally, the trailer showed Starfield's intricate details and overall quality.

Check out Starfield's exciting trailer below.

Based on the trailer, Starfield builds up on the innate human desire to conquer the unknown. If you love to explore the stars and discover ancient mysteries, then you won't be disappointed with Starfield.

Starfield features

Starfield is often touted as a next-generation 'Skyrim in space.' The game contains lots of interesting features that would excite adventurers and spacefarers alike.

One remarkable feature of Starfield is in-depth ship customization. You can build and modify ships from scratch, allowing you to strike a balance between style and performance. The modules and components of every ship come from various in-game manufacturers, creating a diverse selection of parts.

Starfield's character creation is also deep but somehow similar to Bethesda's previous mechanics. You can set a character's appearance by adjusting individual traits or you can just use a pre-generated template. You also have the option to increase your character's starting skills.

Another popular feature of Starfield is the capability to build planetary outposts. These outposts can serve as a trading hub for your growing empire or a fortress that will protect you from enemies.

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