Will Starfield run well on Steam Deck?

Will Starfield run well on Steam Deck?

Will Starfield run well on Steam Deck?

As the highly anticipated release date of Starfield draws near, owners of Valve's handheld console have one burning question on their minds: Will Starfield run well Steam Deck?

Steam Deck owners are wondering whether they will have the ability to traverse uncharted Starfield planets and forge interstellar companionships on the go, right from their handheld console.

In this guide, we will delve into the technical aspects, system requirements, and performance expectations to determine whether Starfield will run smoothly on the Steam Deck.

Is Starfield Steam Deck verified?

As of now, Starfield is not Steam Deck verified. But will it be Steam Deck verified at some point?

Well, while speaking on Kinda Funny's Xcast podcast, Starfield lead Todd Howard talked about its large font mode and how that can be useful on handhelds, though he also clarified that he had game streaming in mind here.

With the mention of handhelds, Xcast co-host Mike Howard asked about Steam Deck support, but Howard refrained from giving a definitive answer by saying, "We'll talk about that later down the road."

Nevertheless, Steam Deck will run Starfield straight out of the box, given that the game is readily available on Steam. However, the crucial inquiry remains regarding the performance and optimization of the game on the platform.

Will Starfield run well on Steam Deck?

Judging from the first tries, it looks like the Steam Deck is struggling to run Starfield smoothly.

In the past, games with comparable minimum and recommended specifications, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, have encountered difficulties in maintaining a consistent 30fps performance.

Gamers have commented on poor frame rate, long loading times and even multiple crashes. Also dips in framerate during combat, which are a big problem. Furthermore, the huge Starfield file size is also a problem.

To fully appreciate the visual splendour, intricate details, and seamless performance that Starfield aims to deliver, it is advisable to consider playing the game on a platform that aligns with its demanding system requirements. Either an Xbox or PC.

For more tips and tricks on the game, check out Starfield audio issues.

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