Starfield review bombs start already by crowds of haters

starfield review bombs start already by crowds of haters

starfield review bombs start already by crowds of haters

Starfield hasn’t been released yet but so-called “fans” are already review-bombing the new sci-fi RPG for petty reasons. It would be one thing if they actually played the game but this is just typical elitist behaviour over framerate, bugs and more.

Fans on Reddit have already spotted a negative of the game, which just seem to be criticisms of Bethesda. While the company can definitely be criticized for some of its previous actions, this shouldn’t be one of them. It has since been taken down by Metacritic.

"Bethesda - because making games that work out of the box is less important than figuring out all the ways extract as much money from your bank account as possible," said a Metacritic user called Joppsta360.

"Apparently Starfield already deserves a 90," angrily chimed in @Puertorock77_ on Twitter.

"They are just getting ahead of the curve. They are complelty right about Bethesda," defended @baus_big.

These users think that a game running at 30 FPS is the equivalent of an incomplete game being released at launch. Granted, it’s far too soon to say that the game is good but it’s also too early to claim that it’s a failure. Considering how much fans enjoyed the trailer, this seems to be a loud minority at best.

Now, to play devil’s advocate for a minute, Xbox and Bethesda don’t have a spotless history. Many will remember how Bethesda released Fallout 76 as a broken mess and even offered a $100 yearly pass for diehard fans. Xbox and Arkane also released Redfall not too long ago, which might go down as one of the worst and/or blandest games of the year.

However, to claim that it’s already a broken mess when the game is actually showing promise is ludicrous. Microsoft went as far as to delay the game for a whole year when it was finished just to make sure it wasn’t a buggy mess.

Also, fans should be happy that this game is launching at 30 FPS. This is Bethesda, a company notorious for releasing some of the least visually impressive games carried by their writing. Fans didn’t really complain about the performance of Fallout 3 or Oblivion and they should give that same chance to Starfield.

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Bethesda and Xbox will release Starfield on Xbox Series and PC later this year, on September 6.

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