Horizon Forbidden West armour guide - all outfits in the game

Aloy aiming a bow in Horizon Forbidden West press image
Credit: PlayStation

Aloy aiming a bow in Horizon Forbidden West press image
Credit: PlayStation

How many outfits are there for Aloy? In Horizon Forbidden West there’s over 25 different ones to enjoy. Of course, in this world, each outfit has its own advantages.

The outfits and armour for Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West and the Burning Shores expansion will be able to build her resistances, and when fully upgraded, they even better her abilities. You're also able to swap her outfits around, so now she can have the look you’re after with all the strongest stats you need!

To upgrade the outfits you will need to try and hunt the machines. So, make sure to find out all of the different types on our Horizon Forbidden West machines list. You’ll need to make sure you have all of the right machine pieces, and the upgrades will also cost you metal shards. All outfits can be upgraded at the workbenches.

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Horizon Forbidden West armour guide

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are four rarities for Aloy’s armour, those being Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary. Here are all of the various outfits in the game:


Uncommon outfits can be upgraded up to three times at workbenches, and here are all of the Uncommon ones below:

  • Carja Behemoth Elite
  • Carja Blazon
  • Nora Anointed
  • Nora Champion
  • Nora Huntress
  • Nora Legacy
  • Nora Thunder Elite
  • Oseram Explorer


Rare outfits can be upgraded up to four times at workbenches, and the full list of Rare armour sets can be found below:

  • Carja Shadow
  • Carja Wanderer
  • Nora Sentinel
  • Oseram Arrow Breaker
  • Oseram Wayfarer
  • Tenakth Marshal
  • Utaru Harvester
  • Utaru Whisperer

Very Rare

Very Rare outfits can be upgraded up to five times at workbenches, because they are the second-highest rarity:

  • Carja Behemoth Trapper
  • Carja Trader
  • Nora Tracker
  • Nora Valiant
  • Oseram Forester
  • Oseram Striker
  • Oseram Vanguard
  • Sobeck’s Raiment
  • Tenakth Dragoon
  • Tenakth High Marshal
  • Tenakth Marauder
  • Tenakth Reaver
  • Tenakth Recon
  • Tenakth Skirmisher
  • Tenakth Sky Climber
  • Tenakth Vindicator
  • Utaru Gravesinger
  • Utaru Hardweave
  • Utaru Protector
  • Utaru Ritesinger
  • Utaru Thresher
  • Utaru Warden


Legendary outfits are the highest rarity in the game, and can be upgraded up to five times too:

  • Carja Stalker Elite
  • Nora Thunder Warrior
  • Oseram Artificer
  • Tenakth TacticianTenakth Vanquisher
  • Utaru Winterweave

That’s all of the outfits for Horizon Forbidden West. While you’re here why not check out our other guides, like the full Horizon Forbidden West quests list, or how to start the Burning Shores expansion in Horizon Forbidden West.

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