Horizon Forbidden West PC quests list - all main story missions

Aloy holding a bow and her spear in Horizon Forbidden West key art
Credit: PlayStation

Aloy holding a bow and her spear in Horizon Forbidden West key art
Credit: PlayStation

If you’re wondering what all of the quests are in Horizon Forbidden West, then you’re in luck! Role-playing games are notorious for having lots of quests that divide up the action. As the game is now coming to PC, here’s the full list of main quests you’ll experience during the story.

With the Horizon Forbidden West release date fast approaching, we’re excited to finally play through Aloy’s adventure when it comes to PC. So, as long as your PC can handle the Horizon Forbidden West system requirements, here is every quest that you’ll have to complete.

Horizon Forbidden West quest list

Here’s the full list of the Horizon Forbidden West main quests, which you can find below:

  • Reach For The Stars
  • The Point Of The Lance
  • To The Brink
  • The Embassy
  • Death’s Door
  • The Dying Lands
  • The Eye Of The Earth
  • The Broken Sky
  • The Kulrut
  • Cradle Of Echoes
  • The Sea of Sands
  • Seeds Of The Past
  • Faro’s Tomb
  • Gemini
  • All That Remains
  • The Wings Of The Ten
  • Singularity

There’s a total of 17 main quests during your time with Forbidden West, whereas Zero Dawn has a total of 22 main story missions. However, the Burning Shores DLC expands the story. That being said, Forbidden West is undoubtedly the longer game, spanning tens of hours before you reach the end of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores main quests

Here are the main quests for the Burning Shores expansion:

  • To the Burning Shores
  • Heaven and Earth
  • The Stars in Their Eyes
  • For His Amusement
  • His Final Act
  • Epilogue

That’s all of the main quests for Horizon Forbidden West and its expansion, Burning Shores. For more, check out our dedicated release hub and the system requirements to ensure the game runs smoothly on your system.

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