Total War Arminius: Is it possible to win the battle, kill Arminius and defeat his forces in Rome 2's Battle of Teutoburg Forest?

Total War is a series that prides itself on depicting historical battles accurately, and no more is this true than in Total War: Rome II's recreation of The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

Taking place during 9AD in Teutoburg Forest, now located in north-west Germany, the battle saw an alliance of Germanic peoples led by Arminius and Segimer take on the Roman forces, humiliating the Roman Empire in a conflict that left over 15,000 troops dead.

Despite this fact, many Total War players still want to win the battle, also known as the Varian Disaster, and kill Arminius. Is this possible?

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Can you defeat Arminius in Total War?

To put it simply, no.

The aim of Total War: Rome II's The Battle of Teutoburg Forest is not to rewrite history and allow you to overthrow Arminius and the Germanic forces.

Indeed, Rome II makes this impossible as wave after wave of enemy battalions will continue to spawn, eventually desecrating your forces and causing you to lose. While it may feel unfair, this is a level designed to be a no-win situation.

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How to beat The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

As stated above, the goal of the Teutoburg Forest level isn't to kill and overthrow Arminius. Instead, you must follow how the level plays out and eventually escape from the forest.

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Ultimately, it all comes down to completing this objective

To do this, you must keep Varus alive until you reach the cutscene encounter with the Germanic cavalry, where he will attempt to divert these forces away.

You should use your battalions to delay the Germanic forces from overthrowing you, before retreating and running away to escape the forest with your Eagle cohorts still intact.

Of course, this retreat could be questioned for its historical accuracy considering the lack of Roman troops who survived Arminius' onslaught in 9AD, but that's a whole other discussion.

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