BE WARNED: Your Oculus account will be deleted if you delete your Facebook account

Oculus has been a driving force in VR every since they first released the Rift.

They went from strength to strength constantly pushing things forward and kind of revolutionised how we all viewed VR when the released the Oculus Quest.

The freedom from wires and a PC was a game-changer, and it's not hyperbolic to say that they may well have been leading the charge on what VR eventually becomes.

Despite all of that, Facebook seems incredibly keen on just ruining that reputation by forcing themselves onto Oculus users.

If you move away from Facebook you'll lose your Oculus account

We talked a while ago about the fact that new Oculus accounts will have to be linked to a Facebook account going forwards, which was a strange move in and of itself, but it seems as though Facebook isn't stopping there.

As initially discovered via a tweet from @CixLiv and then verified by UploadVR, it looks as though deactivating or deleting your account will impact your Oculus profile information and purchases.

As you can see, deactivating your account means you won't be able to access products or your information, but deleting your account will remove your purchases and achievements as well.

It used to be that recommending an Oculus device to a friend was a good idea, but at this point, buying one is basically committing yourself to Facebook for the foreseeable future, and that's just not an acceptable way to do business.

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It gets worse

All of this is likely to lead to some kind of class-action lawsuit on behalf of those that bought their Oculus devices without wanting to use a Facebook account.

It turns out that this was something the company had clearly predicted, as stated in this other tweet from @CixLiv:

There's a lot of talk about shady business practices and whatnot all over the place. Whether you're on the side of companies or not, you have to admit that this is all intensely immoral.

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