Oculus VR headsets will force you to log into Facebook, strange new update reveals

Oculus is one of the biggest names in VR gaming. While they're always been a key player, the release of the Oculus Quest helped cement them as one of the top dogs.

This is thanks to the lack of wires and the freedom that comes with owning a quest versus most other VR devices.

That freedom isn't something that the company itself seems to be all that intent on fostering though.

At least, that seems to be the case given the new changes they've recently announced.

Oculus announces new login change

Announced via a blog post on the site, Oculus has said that you'll need to start using a Facebook account if you've got an Oculus device.

In fact, "After January 1, 2023, we will end support for Oculus accounts. If you choose not to merge your accounts at that time, you can continue using your device, but full functionality will require a Facebook account."

This is where things become truly baffling, "We will take steps to allow you to keep using content you have purchased, though we expect some games and apps may no longer work. This could be because they include features that require a Facebook account or because a developer has chosen to no longer support the app or game you purchased."

That means that people could well lose out on games they've already purchased, and that is severely anti-consumer.

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Why are people against this?

Mostly because of privacy concerns. Facebook was an integral component of the Cambridge Analytica data breach back in 2018.

This leak saw the company harvest huge amounts of personal data without consent, with the vast majority of that being used in political advertising.

As a result of this and a lot of the potential use it has seen, a lot of people are anti-Facebook now. It's an understandable concern, and forcing people to use a Facebook account to access a gaming platform is only going to push people away from Oculus as a company.

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