PS5 free trial rumours: game demos could be HUGE on the PlayStation 5

We've heard a lot about the PS5 console's tech, with its SSD and 3D Audio now being the stuff of public knowledge. And now we've heard a juicy rumour about free trials and game demos being huge on PS5!

This is the latest in a long line of rumblings about the next-gen Sony console, following on from the official unveiling of the brand-new PS5 controller, the Dualsense. This included both Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers, and we also got to see it's strange retro-futuristic design.

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While we know a bit about the kind of games the next-gen Sony console is sure to have, we don't really know the specifics.

Well, according to this rumour, something big might be brewing in the world of PS5 gaming...

PS5 demos for everyone

This particular rumour comes from a Twitter account called PS5 Only, so they know what they're about.

The tweet says, "PS5’s New PS Store User Interface Allows You to Browse & Try Every Game Instantly, Playable Within Seconds, With No Traditional Downloading Required, No Waiting, Before You Decide to Purchase the Full Game & Download It as Normal."

This is an incredibly interesting idea, and it would mean that you could avoid a lot of instances of buyers remorse. It would all depend on how long you could actually try the games for of course, but if it's true, it could revolutionise digital purchases completely.

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Will this controller connect us to demos galore?
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Will this controller connect us to demos galore?

Is this realistic?

Probably not. Ultimately there are no reasons to believe this tweet. It's rare that anything typed in Caps Every Word is to be believed, but there's also no reference to sources or a track record of successes either.

It would also go against everything that Sony has been doing up until this point. Their digital strategy seems to be more focussed on trying to get people to sign up to PS Now, and that's despite the fact that Xbox Game Pass is right there looking far more appealing.

If Sony were serious about doing something like this then it would be huge for a lot of reasons, but it's incredibly unlikely because it could actively hurt their sales as much as it might help it, and that makes it a bad business decision.

As much as we'd all like to think that these companies are here for us, they're actually here to make money, an initiative like this will remain a wonderful fantasy. Of course, we're happy to be proven wrong, but it doesn't seem like we will be.

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